Sunday, August 15, 2010


We don't live here anymore. Or for now, in any event.

BUT! Check you our podcast, here:

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Nick Rasche wants to be a superhero when he grows up. Lisa-Skye Ioannidis doesn't want to grow up at all. Together they are Supermanchild.

A night of stand-up, light-hearted debate and bitter, friendship-destroying arguments ensues as Nick and Lisa ask the questions that have haunted geeks, nerds and major Hollywood directors for decades. Did the character of Hamlet just pave the way for Batman? If a car explodes and pinwheels across a street in slow motion and Michael Bay isn't there to film it, does it make a sound? When Lisa shares heart-warming stories of her childhood with her friends, why do they pat her on the hand with an embarrassed '...oh'?

Supermanchild. It'll be just like attending The Dark Knight premiere, but with 50% less chance of getting king-hit by Christian Bale.

Created and Performed by
Lisa-Skye Ioannidis and Nicholas Rasche

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ATTEND! Or ask us a question about the event below.
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Monday, August 3, 2009

Hot Tip: FIlm Edition

Our long-suffering Tech Manager Chris Goodes has a movie out at the moment: Red Cliff.

Go see it! Originally it was two movies totaling five hours, but the US/Australian release has been one 2.5-hour film. It loses a lot, and the first half feels like a trailer, but see it at the cinema for the big screen 'oooh!' factor and see the better versions later.

Reports that some explosion sounds for this Chinese big budget war epic were recorded at a bonfire in Nutfield (near Hurstbridge) are ridiculous and true. This was cross-posted to my other blog, too. What? We want the word out.
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Sunday, May 31, 2009

MICF Over!

MICF is over for another year! COMING SOON: Lisa and Nick's latest adventure...

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Deleted Scenes (3)

Well, it's officially the beginning of our season, so if you want the jokes that weren't cut from my show (the good stuff), you'll just have to pay for them, won't you? (Won't you? Please?). What was cut from my show was a lengthy analysis of political figures based on the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Alignment Grid (as my nerd brethren will know, this is formed by one value selected from Lawful, Neutral and Chaotic and another from Good, Neutral and Evil). It was far too long and convoluted for me to post the whole thing here, but I thought you should all know that former High Court Justice Michael Kirby is Lawful Good and former ALP leader Mark Latham is assuredly Chaotic Neutral. Also, Neutral-Neutral (True Neutral, in AD&D talk) is reserved for those beyond traditional concepts of Good and Evil - i.e. Nietszche and Buddha. Fat bald religious icons and insane Germans with impressive walrus moustaches - together at last! VOTE ONE NIETSZCHE/BUDDHA IN 2010 - AND COME SEE GOTH V NERD STARTING TONIGHT!
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Monday, March 30, 2009

Deleted scenes (2)

I regret not being able to include the following gratuitous swipe in my show - that's 'Goth v Nerd : Disenchantment Lane', April 1 - 11 (Wed - Sat only), 6.30pm at the Pony, 68 Little Collins Street BOOK NOW! NOW! ALL THE COOL KIDS ARE DOING IT! SERIOUSLY!.
Sorry. Anyway, my discussion of art and the power of creativity is now sadly lacking the following remark:
'The problem with art is, it's hard. Really hard. It's hard because of all the great works of art that have been created earlier and are still out there. Film-makers have to struggle every day with the existence of 'Citizen Kane'. And 'Ghostbusters.' As for writers, every single genre of literature has been exhaustively plowed - tragedy, comedy, romance... there's books for children, travellers, cooks, masturbators - and now even a thriving industry of books for the illiterate. Like 'The Da Vinci Code.' [Imagine an offensive Southern drawl] "I like mah books with puzzles in 'em".'
As it's just you and me, blog-readers, I may as well confess I've never read any of Dan Brown's books. But I hate him. That's just the kind of prick I can be.
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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Deleted scenes (1)

As my show is (a) 90% based around dubious movie analogies and (b) several hours too long, I've decided, DVD style, to include some deleted jokes for the benefit of loyal GvN blog readers (you're out there, right?). This was cut from the set about three days ago and follows a particularly depressing bit:
'But this isn't the Melbourne International Tragedy Festival - August 17 through 21. Don't miss our show at the Tragedy Festival by the way. We're doing a one-off performance of "Hamlet" cast entirely with former reality TV stars. It has to be one-off - we're using real swords and poison. Gretel Killeen is Ophelia. In Act Four we drown her onstage in a bathtub. Check it out, it'll be great'.
More to come, maybe.
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