Monday, March 30, 2009

Deleted scenes (2)

I regret not being able to include the following gratuitous swipe in my show - that's 'Goth v Nerd : Disenchantment Lane', April 1 - 11 (Wed - Sat only), 6.30pm at the Pony, 68 Little Collins Street BOOK NOW! NOW! ALL THE COOL KIDS ARE DOING IT! SERIOUSLY!.
Sorry. Anyway, my discussion of art and the power of creativity is now sadly lacking the following remark:
'The problem with art is, it's hard. Really hard. It's hard because of all the great works of art that have been created earlier and are still out there. Film-makers have to struggle every day with the existence of 'Citizen Kane'. And 'Ghostbusters.' As for writers, every single genre of literature has been exhaustively plowed - tragedy, comedy, romance... there's books for children, travellers, cooks, masturbators - and now even a thriving industry of books for the illiterate. Like 'The Da Vinci Code.' [Imagine an offensive Southern drawl] "I like mah books with puzzles in 'em".'
As it's just you and me, blog-readers, I may as well confess I've never read any of Dan Brown's books. But I hate him. That's just the kind of prick I can be.

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