Sunday, March 29, 2009

Deleted scenes (1)

As my show is (a) 90% based around dubious movie analogies and (b) several hours too long, I've decided, DVD style, to include some deleted jokes for the benefit of loyal GvN blog readers (you're out there, right?). This was cut from the set about three days ago and follows a particularly depressing bit:
'But this isn't the Melbourne International Tragedy Festival - August 17 through 21. Don't miss our show at the Tragedy Festival by the way. We're doing a one-off performance of "Hamlet" cast entirely with former reality TV stars. It has to be one-off - we're using real swords and poison. Gretel Killeen is Ophelia. In Act Four we drown her onstage in a bathtub. Check it out, it'll be great'.
More to come, maybe.

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