Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Deleted Scenes (3)

Well, it's officially the beginning of our season, so if you want the jokes that weren't cut from my show (the good stuff), you'll just have to pay for them, won't you? (Won't you? Please?). What was cut from my show was a lengthy analysis of political figures based on the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Alignment Grid (as my nerd brethren will know, this is formed by one value selected from Lawful, Neutral and Chaotic and another from Good, Neutral and Evil). It was far too long and convoluted for me to post the whole thing here, but I thought you should all know that former High Court Justice Michael Kirby is Lawful Good and former ALP leader Mark Latham is assuredly Chaotic Neutral. Also, Neutral-Neutral (True Neutral, in AD&D talk) is reserved for those beyond traditional concepts of Good and Evil - i.e. Nietszche and Buddha. Fat bald religious icons and insane Germans with impressive walrus moustaches - together at last! VOTE ONE NIETSZCHE/BUDDHA IN 2010 - AND COME SEE GOTH V NERD STARTING TONIGHT!

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